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The Midnight Man (2016)

A girl and her friends find a game in the attic that summons a creature known as The Midnight Man, who uses their worst fears against them.


Okay, look, I'm going to preface this review with the good points, because this film does have some good points. Surprisingly. Firstly, this is pleasantly gory. There is a lot of blood in this. And it looks pretty good. Quite practical, little CGI. One of the deaths in the first couple of minute is...glorious. The acting is pretty solid. Gabrielle Haugh (Jeepers Creepers 3) carries the film well, and Lin Shaye puts in possibly the funniest performance in her career. So yeah, good stuff. Or should I say, that's the good stuff. Spoilers from here on in.

The bad: I'll be honest, its the screenplay. It's an abomination. And it's weird. One of the cast keeps saying that it all sounds like a creepy-pasta (wink). Because it is. Oddly, as I write this I'm listening to a Youtube video with some ditzy teen telling (I shit you not) a quarter of million viewers how dangerous it is to summon the dude, because y'all gonna die. Wut. And weirder (yes, weirder) said Youtube video sounds a great deal like a three page synopsis for the screenplay. With Lin Shaye running around and pointing at shit and passing out, two teens start playing a game that will summon a demon, but I don't know why. They just find the game and go, oh well, the script says we have to play this, so here goes... And then another one turns up and joins in because.

And that's the problem really. All the casts choices end in because.

I don't have answers.

You all deserved to die.

If you did. I don't know. The film just stops because.

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  1. l'uomo si rende felice da solo, infatti è da film e di migliore qualità...