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23:59 (2011)

An army recruit was found dead during a 24km road march. After the death of the recruit, strange things started to happen, haunting all the soldiers in the barracks.


Written and directed by Gilbert Chan (Ghost Child), 23:59 follows the ghostly goings on around a set of recruits at an army barracks. It's a slow burn horror, built on suspense and character rather than blood and gore, and pretty solid for it. While Chan's screenplay might become a little murky in the second act, hard to follow in places, it comes together in the third well and is an enjoyable film.

Relying heavily on atmosphere, 23:59 has little in the way of FX which serves the slow plot well. It reasons that there are no real jump scares in the film and the 'scare' comes from watching it and being invested.

The cast play a pivotal role in this, and they are very good all round. Tedd Chan (debut feature) is a standout.

It's one of those films that you have to see to enjoy - and understand - and some viewers will likely be put off with the presentation. As I say, it is a little hard to follow in places. And I know that subtitles do put off some people.

A great little horror that - if you stick with it - gives a good creepy bang.

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