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The Super (2017)

A man becomes the superintendent of a large New York City apartment building where people mysteriously go missing.


Regardless of what the marketing tells you, Val Kilmer is not the star here, it's Patrick John Flueger (Chicago P.D.). He's a serviceable lead, but he's no Val Kilmer. Wait, that didn't come out right. Anyway, The Super is a pretty good stock horror film. You know the one, man with family in tow takes job at hotel as janitor, ghostly goings on, etc. Flueger does a good job as the struggling father (who isn't a struggling novelist - phew) and his in tow kids are good too. And I'm never easy on the child actors in horror. Mattea Conforti (Frozen II) as the youngest is good - one of the better actors in the film and Taylor Richardson (Slender Man) serves well in the bratty teen role.

It's got a twisty/turny feel to it, which is fresh enough, and the final third act is impressive. It's not a jump scare fest, although lacks the heart to make it a strong tension builder. Kilmer is spotlighted as the villain so quickly that the film may have just as well slapped you in the face with a herring. A red one.

Overall it isn't anything new as such, but it is a pretty good effort, stomping on old ground in an enjoyable way. It's hard to say much else about it. Solid acting. No real gore. A bit scary? But a good watch.

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