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Hex (2017)

During the English Civil War, two opposing soldiers find themselves trapped in a forest controlled by a Witch.


I'll open here by saying that if you are expecting a horror film, then you should look elsewhere. Hex is a poignant drama about opposing sides during war time, with a secondary story with a witch in it. Anyway. Written and directed by duo George Popov (The Droving) and Jonathan Russell (The Droving), Hex is a slow moving drama, in which two soldiers on different sides of the civil war become forced to work together, held against their wills in an area of forest by a witch.

There is little in the way of plot in the way the film moves, instead relying entirely on the dialogue and performances of the leads. Stars, Daniel Oldroyd and William Young shoulder the whole film, and do a pretty good job of it. Neither has much in the way of experience, and they do a remarkable job of holding the attention of the camera. The dialogue is on point for the time period, and while there are some questions left at the end of the film, rather that, than blind exposition. As I say, it isn't a horror film, there are no scares, and nothing in the way of visual effects. The film is interesting, and holds the viewers attention surprisingly for a film with one action scene and nearly 90 minutes of talking and emoting.

There really is little more I can say. As a period drama, with supernatural elements it works well. As a horror film, well, not so much. I doubt the PG-13 crowd would enjoy it, but those interested in thoughtful films which allow for ponderance after the fact, it's well worth checking out. It's well made, well directed, and leaves you wanting, perhaps, a little more.

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