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Bride of Scarecrow (2019)

A failing radio host finds out she has inherited a farm house in Wales from a family she never knew she had. But what goes on the land is story in which people have gone missing every 20 years. Fixed on repairing her career, she sets off with her friends to make the ultimate discovery for her radio show - but what she discovers may well be what she would least expect - for every 20 years, the Scarecrow will rise, and this time - he's seeking a bride.


Starring Claire-Maria Fox (12 Deaths of Christmas) and Manny Jai Montana (Lucifer's Night) comes a neat shocker. Having inherited a remote farm house in Wales, May (Fox), her boyfriend, Darren (Montana) and their friends find themselves in the middle of nowhere and seemingly being hunted by an unknown force.

The movie has a captivating premise, and promises gore from the get-go, and besides the required lulls for storytelling, it delivers. One of the first deaths in the film is eye-coveringly effective, and I’m not squeamish. It’s brutal.

The villain of the piece, the titular ‘Scarecrow’, is a downright great movie monster. The silent, hooded menace, very reminiscent of Myers himself, lurks his way through the film gloriously. The direction is well done, the supporting cast admirable, and the effects good.

Fox strives to carry the movie, but sadly the star power isn’t there yet, however, Manny Jai Montana is shaping up to be a force within the British movie industry. He has everything needed to be a strong leading man.

One thing that will make this film a standout though is the ending. It’s a shock twist, and I wouldn’t expect anyone to see it coming.

This is one to see.

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