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The Influence (2019)

After moving back to her family home to care for her dying mother, a nurse haunted by her childhood memories must struggle with an evil force in the house.


Creeping dread. I'm not laying too many bets on who did what, but writers Ramsey Campbell (who I'm guessing wrote the original story), Michel Gaztambide, Daniel Rissech, and Denis Rovira van Boekholt (also the director) did a more than solid job here. Ramping the tension and terror from the start, the story is spot on, and Boekholt (feature debut) does a wicked job behind the camera.

A fantastic example of how horror can be made, The Influence has far more in common with the likes of The Exorcist than it might like to admit. It's a slow burn for sure, and keeps it going all the way through, with some great pacing and keeps you guessing the whole time.

The performances are good across the board, particularly from Manuela Vell├ęs (Lobos sucios).

There are plenty of effects in play, and they work surprisingly well - this is not a big budget effort, but does it's job really well. A good deal of "Hollywood" output could learn form it. Fear isn't about jumpscares and stings.

Good stuff all around and highly recommended.

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