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Oscura Seduccion (2010)

A Doctor falls for the wrong Nurse.


Oscura Seduccion (Dark Seduction in English and is also known as Dunkle Lust in German, so there's that) is a 'Thriller' (erotic thriller?) from director Walter Doehner (├Źntimo terror). Starring Elizabeth Cervantes (Revenge Strategy) as the doctor and owner at a plastic surgery who starts a tumultuous relationship with a new nurse, Gustavo, played by Julio Bekhor (Club Dread). Obviously, Gustavo turns out to be a nut-job.

It's a weird little film, to be honest. Large stretches of the runtime feel very much like an afternoon romance flick - except for the buckets of nudity - and then other times it feels more horror / thrillery. It's actually surprisingly good. The performance of Bekhor is one the nose as a manipulative psychopath, and Cervantes does a solid job as the victim/protagonist. Big love goes to Marco Trevi├▒o (The 33) as Cervantes' Laura's would-be beau Eduado.

In the - let's call it an erotic thriller - category it stands up pretty well to the likes of Sliver and Basic Instinct. There's little new on display here, but if it's your bag, you certainly can do much worse.

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