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Eternal Code (2019)

Eternal life technology (transferring mind to new body) is developed by two companies. Resistance to the merger of the two companies is met with kidnapping and murder.


Written and directed by - and starring - Harley Wallen (Abstruse) Eternal Code wasn't what I was expecting. Without paying it much mind, I was expecting some sci fi mumbo jumbo, and got none of it. Eternal Code is a straight played thriller about company execs doing whatever they have to, to ensure a company merger. Which is a good thing - very - very - few micro budget films can pull off any sort of sci fi.

As such the film is largely FX-less. Wallen does a reasonable job behind the camera. It's rarely more than competent, but because of the subject matter, does it need to be? From a writing standpoint the dialogue is pretty solid, but the screenplay has a few oddities within it which I won't discuss because of spoilers, but it really doesn't detract from the experience, and in places adds a layer of humor that might otherwise be absent.

There are some recognizable players in front of the camera. Scenery chewing villainy goes to the always excellent Richard Tyson (who we all remember as a player in the 90's with the Kindergarten CopKingpinDark Tide, with now a whopping 132 credits under his name), and there's a pass from Scout Taylor-Compton (who perhaps peaked fame as Laurie Strode in Rob Zombies Halloween films). She's very shouty in this.

The show is stolen without doubt by rugged leading man and would-be-action-man-stand-in Damien Chinappi. Chinappi has been learning his craft working mostly with shorts. He could easily carry a bigger film. And a little more than an extended cameo comes from the excellent Billy Wirth.

It is a slow starter, but stick with it. It draws you in the more of it you watch, and by the mid point it's found its feet. It's got some slick action scenes, and it's a bit of blast in the end.

Worth watching for a lazy Sunday afternoon low budget action flick.

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