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Dark Ditties: The Witching Hour (2019)

Samantha has been having nightmares about a dark figure called Tyberius Krane. Finally seeking help after years of rejection Samantha contacts Selwyn Parsons and Marvin La'Fantome, the hosts of paranormal TV 'The Witching Hour'.


Written by Neil Morris and Gary Smart The Witching Hour plays well with other fellows in the Dark Ditties Universe. The stories are interconnected, but not in a way that would have you worried if you had a) missed one, or b) not seen the last one in some time (unlike other 'universes' I could mention).

The story rarely steps out of a comfort zone, in which the cast of the fictional TV series are transplanted to the haunted location, and for lack of a better term, shenanigans ensue. No spoilers here. There are some plays for laughs, but for the most part takes itself quite seriously. Director Adam Evans has a good eye, and holds the series together. Having continuity is a good thing when creating stories in this fashion.

The plot has been done before, and to good effect with the sublime horror Grave Encounters and the amazing horror comedy The Demon Inside - both of which are low budget indie fare. Due to the similarities with location and feel, The Witching Hour is far nearer Grave Encounters. Previous episodes offered the fun of Finders Keepers, and the harrowing, Mrs Wiltshire, and this is a little departed from both. It feels like a light-hearted horror, with an almost made-for-TV feel to it. But that's not a bad thing.

There's talent in front of the camera as always, and Bruce Jones does some of his best work here. With character actor Ian Gelder (Game of Thrones) doing some of the heavy lifting, and great support from Mark Wingett, the time flies passed.

No, you'll not get a gore fix here, and there isn't intended to be sofa-arm-ripping scares, but it's a fun little horror that passes the time perfectly.

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