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The Raven (2006)

A classic horror from Edgar Allan Poe brought to life through the eyes of Horror Master Ulli Lommel!



This is...I don't even... Ulli Lommel (!) has directed 66 movies (at the time of writing) and skipping through a few of them on IMDB shows that most of them have less the 2/10. This title is no different. I picked it up in a box of DVD's from somewhere (all of which are low budget horror) so I didn't know what to expect. The DVD presentation (the box is okay) had the roughest title card I'd seen in sometime and a couple of trailers for other CLASSIC ULLI LOMMEL films that were...awful.

The film makes no sense. At all. As a "retelling" of Poe's The Raven it's off kilter. Mostly because Edgar Allen Poe is the love interest, I think, of Lenore - the protagonist - and The Raven is not quothed. Neverwas. I guess it was trying to be artsy?

The production quality is shockingly bad, and the acting is terrible. Look, I've never said it before. Don't watch this "film".

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