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Re•displacement (2019)

Redisplacement Short Film Review

Leo undergoes a modern form of therapy that allows patients to visually recall their memories in order to overcome underlying trauma. As his therapist guides him through forgotten moments from his past, Leo begins to question whether the process can be trusted.


Written and directed by Lewis Coates (Random Acts: When Voices Unite), short film Re•displacement is a deeply atmospheric affair. Beginning with Leo in therapy with Doctor Michelle discussing a new process for recovering memories. Immediately the sound design jumps out at you - the subtle sounds within the room complementing the light soundtrack. It's a wonderful way to begin, as the two characters have nothing to do but exposit for the opening three minutes - a fifth of the runtime, at which point Leo is brought into his memories...

From this point the film trips the light fantastic, with surreal imagery and a strange disquiet. Coates writing and direction is definitely on point here, with a steady and assured directorial hand and the writing, while certainly thought provoking, is wildly inviting to see.

Redisplacement Short Film Review

The two leads do an extraordinary job, with Nico Mirallegro (My Mad Fat Diary) as Leo and Nathalie Cox (London Heist) as Doctor Michelle.

While the piece is regarded on IMDB as a "drama" we feel that is slips firmly into speculative sci fi horror in places, mostly because of the disturbing nature of the 'medical' practice that Leo is undergoing. It is very reminiscent of a paired down, relaxed Strange Days, and with a bigger budget and a longer runtime, could be something quite special on the big screen.

It's currently on the film circuit, but we have been promised that it will be on a streaming platform shortly, and we will, of course, let you know where - because this is must see stuff.

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