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MicroReview: Game Over (2019)

A nyctophobic woman has to fight her inner demons to stay alive in the game called life.


Game Over is all over the place, in the best way possible. Directed by Ashwin Saravanan (Maya), the film begins with scenes of shocking butality. A woman alone in a house at night, attacked, and killed. The scene is both visceral and horrifying. Nothing is held back, and with a distinct grindhouse look, lends to shocking things to come. Then the film switches for the remainder of the first act, and the second into an extremely accomplished character study dealing with death, loss, and PTSD.

And then there is the third act. Which is so off the wall, I cannot give the faintest of plot reveals without spoiling the entire experience. It's a surprise, and welcome it is too. Eventually, the film holds the mantle of horror, fantasy, drama, comedy, and it is GLORIOUS.

Bouncing from one genre to another is sometimes a hard sell, but Saravanan does a fabulous job of holding it all together. The horror scenes are unforgettable, the drama touching. Even the comedy is perfectly placed. The film's dramatic twists will keep even the hardcore moviegoers guessing.

The film is carried by Taapsee Pannu (Badla) and Vinodhini Vaidynathan (LKG) who do an outstanding job - both are excellent, but Vaidynathan is perfectly cast as harassed house maid, Kalamma, who still manages to get some badassery in there later in the film.

Carrying spot on writing by Ramkumar Kaavya, Suman Kumar, Shruti Madan, Ashwin Saravanan, Kacharla Venkat, Game Over is fresh, fun, and unfaultable. Yes, I made up a word of praise. Not only is this must-see, but you'd be foolish to miss it. It is becoming rare for us to slap a five star on anything these days, but this is one of the best films of the year. Hands down.

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