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Bait (2012)

A freak tsunami traps shoppers at a coastal Australian supermarket inside the building - along with 12-foot Great White Sharks.


Director Kimble Rendall (Guardians of the Tomb) managed to subvert some expectations with Bait. It begins as a fairly stock, generic, 'bad movie', leaving me with no expectations other than a low rent Sharknado movie. It was a pleasant surprise then, when after the somewhat lackluster beginning, when the tsunami hits, the film shines. And it does so from that point onward.

This isn't Oscar bait. The acting can be pretty ropey - the plot is silly. It is, however, fun. And that is something sorely missed from a great deal of these sort of horror films. By the time the finale rolls around we're almost into parody (done right) territory.

The effects and gore are better than a Sharknado film, and to be honest, it's pretty much a ride. Lead Xavier Samuel (The Loved Ones) does a good job carrying the weight, but it is very much an ensemble piece, with no one taking center stage.

A fun movie, and a great watch. It's not to be taken seriously, but will sate the gore hounds and tickle the senses.

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