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For the Love of Shorts: Lifelike (2018)

Short horror film, Lifelike, film review.

A heartbroken woman orders a lifelike android so she can have one last moment with the man she loves. Will she finally find the closure she has been looking for?

Written and directed by Chris Vanderhorst (Penny, Urned), Likelike is a horror that will get up in your feels. Literally. Throughout the runtime you know that something is going to happen. You're just sitting in the ride waiting for it to arrive. Yet you never see it coming. And that makes Vanderhorst a genius in our opinion.

With excellence behind the camera, and a touching, heart wrenching performance from lead, Deanna Noe (You and the Moth), we can't wait to see more from all involved. Absolute five star stuff.

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