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Fan Film Feature: The Confession of Fred Krueger (2015)

The Confession of Fred Krueger Horror Movie Review

It is 1973 and the Springwood Police Dept. have just arrested a man they believe to be the notorious child murderer known as the Springwood Slasher.

Written and directed by Nathan Thomas Milliner (Volumes of Blood), The Confession of Fred Krueger is not only a damn fine fan film, but also an interesting addition to the original Nightmare on Elm Street mythos. Ignoring the remake of the original (simply because it muddied the back story significantly), the origin of Freddy and where he came from was broadly seen throughout the films in snippets only, that is until Freddy's Dead when it was exposited clumsily.

Milliner's creation here is not only in keeping with early Elm Street, it is damn right terrifying.

Obviously the question of the performance of Kevin Roach (Harvest Lake) as Krueger is going to make or break the piece, and while you cannot help but see a little Christopher Lloyd in there (weirdly) Roach's performance is chilling.

Milliner's direction is fantastic here (we can't wait to get our hands on a copy of Volumes of Blood now), with careful and clever uses of flashbacks, and some dutch angles to get things really going. We can honestly say that we adored the film, and hope that if Hollywood is going to put Krueger in the driving seat again, they sit up and take note of this.

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