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MicroReview: Night of the Sinner (2009)

Night of the Sinner Horror Movie Review

A young insurance agent flies to central Italy to evaluate the library of an eccentric Prince. She will learn about the man's terrifying past and encounter the very essence of evil.


Night of the Sinner Horror Movie ReviewDirected by Alessandro Perrella (Hell's Fever), Night of the Sinner may be a little mis-advertised. What looks to be a gothic horror, starring legendary horror actor Robert Englund is for the large part - certainly the first two acts - something more akin to a daytime cozy mystery - a little suspense, some romantic subversion - that sort of thing. Oh, and Englund is not in it. Starring Ivana MiƱo (Buried), the film is initially far more concerned in setting up an emotional payoff than having anything happen.

When the third act comes along, we are treated to Hammeresque horror, with Englund taking the ham from Hammer. Within the context of the big picture, it is a slow attempt at rekindling old Hammer horror, but without the grown-up scares. That said, it is actually pretty good at what it does. The first two acts are emotional, intriguing enough to keep watching, and the final payoff is splendid.

Perrella does a good job, baring in mind of the 29 films he directed, only the last three weren't of the, um, adult nature, and while it's not the horror it perceives itself to be, it is quite watchable. Maybe we'll coin the term, cozy-horror?

For horror fans who want a watchable Sunday afternoon movie, with a nice cup of tea.

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