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MicroReview: Inhumanwich! (2016)

Inhumanwich! Horror Movie Review

Following a radioactive accident in outer space, an astronaut is transformed into a sentient blob of meat who devours everything and everyone in its path.


Inhumanwich! Horror Movie ReviewFrom film maker David Cornelius (great name!) (feature debut) comes perhaps a tie for the most watchable, yet utterly bonkers labor of love indie film since Galaxy Lords. And this one is a horror film.

Strictly in the vein of 50's b movie horror, Inhumanwich! tells the story of a man, a sandwich, some radiation, and, dear God... MUTATION! Firmly with its tongue in its cheek, the movie, painted gloriously in black and white, looks and feels freshly picked from the fields of The Blob and The Stuff. It is, of course, not scary to say the least, that but is not the point of the film. For anyone who has a love of old school sci fi horror, this is must see stuff. Cornelius's story and direction are on point, and the only real distraction is the crystal clear clarity of the picture. The FX are cheesy and purposefully awful, as is the dialogue.

The players are clearly having a blast - particularly lead Matt Laumann (Abducted) and Kayla Clark (debut).

All round, a must see for fans of the 50's genre - and an absolute blast.

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