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For the Love of Shorts: Seagrass (2019)

A girl picks up trash along the beach when she discovers something unusual left behind.

From filmmaker Dylan Clark comes a nifty little horror. Starring Charlotte Butcher, Seagrass is spot of whimsy - well, at the start. We've been able to find out little about the production, Clark, or Butcher, so if anyone knows them on SM, please tag us to them. We'd love to drop them a line.

But in the mean time...enjoy:

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  1. Just found this site, it's to see that there's a place for short horror films like this. I made this short film with some family members, I'm happy to share anything if you're interested.

    1. Glad to see you here, Dylan! We loved the short. If you've made other shorts, we'd love to take a look.

    2. I have a couple others on my channel, but I think the short titled "The Pretty Thing" best suits what this site looks for if you are interested!