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MicroReview: Manhattan Undying (2016)

Manhatten Undying Horror Movie Review

A vampire seeks out an artist to paint her a portrait so that she can see her image for the first time.


Manhatten Undying Horror Movie ReviewWritten by Matt Deller (debut) and directed by Babak Payami (Silence Between Two Thoughts) Manhattan Undying is an interesting little indie project. An ageless vampire seeks a portrait by a hedonistic, dying, artist. It's a drama, for sure, with elements of classic vampiric lore in it - but just slightly shy of attaining the status of horror film. Character driven, the young artist, Max is played by Luke Grimes (Fifty Shades Trilogy), and vampire Vivian by Sarah Roemer (Disturbia). The two share a solid onscreen chemistry, and makes for a compelling watch.

There's an interesting dynamic throughout the film between Max and the characters he interacts with - his agent, doctor, the police - which adds another layer to the project, but still the film sits firmly in drama.

It's very watchable at 90 minutes, but doesn't feel like anything other than a "Life Time" attempt at horror. It heavily romanticizes vampires, and can be very slow in places. Played more at the pace of say, Vampire In Brooklyn, a little heavier on the horror, and it could have been spot on.

If you like dramas it's well worth watching, but if you're looking for horror, best to avoid.

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