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MicroReview: Bedeviled (2016)

Bedeviled Horror Movie Review

Five friends are terrorized by a supernatural entity after downloading a mysterious app.


Bedeviled Horror Movie ReviewAccording to IMDB this is an R rated film. *Squints PG13ingly at the screen*

Written and directed by the Vang Brothers, Bedeviled has an okay premise. An app that will toy with you until it kills you. Sadly, as far as story goes that is pretty much the end of it. The screenplay is poor, and drags in places, and the story is woefully underdeveloped. Suffering from so much of the PG13 teen-horror problems that so many films suffer from these days, characterisation is skipped in favor of people being pretty, and horror is damped down to little more than jump scares and loud noises. This is one of those films that you have to play with the volume between 'scary scenes' and dialogue heavy scenes, unless of course, you want to blow your speakers.

The acting is forgivable given what the cast had to work with, with perhaps Mitchell Edwards (The First Purge) and Brandon Soo Hoo (From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series) being the stand out.

It's pretty harmless, suffering from the same problems of a lot of movies these days. The film makers don't seem to have tried. The film is not scary.

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