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MicroReview: 1920 London (2016)

1920 London Horror Movie Review

After her husband is possessed by an evil spirit, a woman turns to her former lover to perform an exorcism.


1920 London Horror Movie ReviewDirector Dharmendra Suresh Desai (feature debut) brings us strangely enjoyable oddity 1920 London - Bollywood horror in all its glory. Based on a story by Vikram Bhatt, it's an interesting set up, with a newly married couple, settled in England, receiving a cursed artifact in the mail, and husband, Veer falling to possession. The only exorcist for the job? Of course, wife, Shivangi's, ex-lover: Jai Singh Gujjar.

The balance of horror and more light-hearted scenes is solid - the film never feels like it leans too heavily into comedy, and maintains a vice-like grip on the viewer but without being too gory or over the top. The FX are surprisingly good, as are some of the action set pieces. The story has enough twists to keep even the most avid viewer guessing and the ending is satisfying.

The cast do a good job all round, especially Sharman Joshi (Gang of Ghosts) as exorcist Jai, and Meera Chopra (Killadi) as wife, Shivangi.

It's a fun little movie, with a decent two hour run time, and extremely enjoyable. A must see when you're looking for horror that's a little different.


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