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Freehold (2017)

Freehold Horror Movie Review

An oily, amoral estate agent is preyed upon by one of his victims, who quietly moves into his flat and, unseen, begins a deliciously malicious campaign of revenge.

Freehold Horror Movie Review


Freehold is a delightfully bonkers comedy horror from writer / director Dominic Bridges (feature debut). Horrendous, yet somehow typical London estate agent Hussein lives with his partner Mel in a small but comfortable apartment. Orlan lives there too. And neither of them know it.

Going into the film blind really is a must. The film plays on you not knowing what you are getting, as Hussein and Mel's relationship is strained by the strange goings on within the apartment. I can't say too much, though, for spoiling the film would be a crime.

The film is...pretty gross. It's not traditional splatter and gore, but the horror here comes from general bodily fluid disgustingness. Some of it is hide your eyes stuff. The scare in the film is not from jump scares, but the uneasiness that the viewer will have watching it. You'll check under your bed after you turn it off, but the film has no monsters. Well, per se.

The single location works really well, and direction from Bridges is solid. There are no FX as such, with the story playing out like an extended Twilight Zone episode. A good one.

Freehold Horror Movie Review

The cast is spot on. Slimy estate agent Hussein is played by Mim Shaikh (feature debut, and weirdly, BBC broadcaster) to great applaud. He is truly obnoxious, and yet strangely likable at the same time. Long suffering partner Mel is played by Mandeep Dhillon (24: Live Another Day) with aplomb. She's a great addition, and a talent on the screen, making a great foil for the blithering Hussein, but also a strong presence. Scenes are however stolen by Orlan, the mysterious freeloader, played by Javier Botet. Rarely seen without substantial makeup, Botet is know for roles in Mara (title role), Slender Man (title role), and IT (hobo). His physicality allows for a terrifying sight.

Overall, Freehold is not something you can easily take your eyes off. The film is icky, and will terrify adults. Own a home? This will freak you out. It is humorous in places, even raising a laugh. However, it has an odd charm that will grab your attention and hold it. it's different, enjoyable, and something that will actually stay with you.

Thumbs up all around. Good stuff.

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