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For the Love of Shorts: The Door in the Woods (2018)

Deep in the woods, on the fringe of society, there is a door that seals away a mythical creature. When four kids open the door, they soon find that their actions cannot be undone.


Writer and director Joey Greene (Polaroid) brings old town terror to the screen in The Door in the Woods. The first thing that will hit you watching this is that there is no holding back on the gore. The squick is to the max. The second thing?

That's the acting.

It's unusual to see an ensemble cast of children that are so good - and the opener of this one gets it so right. Star Carissa Bazler has good things coming in her future with a strong performance on screen, and a real camera holding presence.

Greene does a standout job behind the camera, with only 13 minutes to produce nothing short of high budget Hollywood scares throughout - some of which is not for the weak of stomach.

Absolutely must see stuff. Terrifying.


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