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For the Love of Shorts: The Ash: Safe Haven (2017)

A deadly volcanic ash cloud. A 12 year old boy besieged by the bloodthirsty infected. When the ash falls terror rises.


Powerful stuff from director Martin Stalker (Hostage to the Devil), with claustrophobic horror: Safe Haven. A neat take on perhaps the rage virus, Safe Haven is scary stuff, and totally absorbing for its 16 minute run time.

For the second week running we have spot on performances from youngsters, this time courtesy of Luke Walford putting in a stunning performance - both well acted and heartbreaking. Supported in aplomb by Bronagh Taggart (The Fall) and Syd Ralph (Game of Thrones) this is unmissable stuff. The IMDB slate for the director, Stalker, looks to suggest a feature length project based on it, and we can't wait to find out more.

Must see horror:

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