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Under the Flowers: Waking the Witch (2019)

Charlotte, Rose and Jackie must battle a diabolic secret society called The Hollow for the soul of Crystal Springs - but they can't do it alone. First, Charlotte must travel to the In-Between for help, risking her own Wake the Witch.


Under the Flowers bursts back onto the screen with season 3. Writer / director Richard T. Wilson does it again, plotting intrigue into fantasy with the next stage of the story. Picking up where season 2 left off, season 3 benefits from the same excellent cast, plus some. 

Where Under the Flowers excels is with the outstanding story telling. It's weird, that's for sure, but comes across as a surreal fever dream in an episode of Doctor Who. It reminds us of days gone where main stream TV would push the barriers of story, relying on the viewer to watch and understand, without spoon feeding. It's refreshing to see something that is intellectually stimulating without pushing for a strong adult audience.

Basically, Under the Flowers is the love child of Naked Lunch and Eerie Indiana.

The narrative pacing was strong in part two, but part three holds an even tighter grip on the viewer. Sticking firmly with it's strengths, the season relies on writing and performance to stay ahead of the game - but this time there is a slightly heavier reliance on effects - which produces one of the creepiest scenes of the program yet.

Performances shine from all involved, but there are noteworthy standouts from Amanda Kay Livezey, Scott A. Evans, Tony Romeo, and of course Catherine Kustra.

The first three seasons are available to watch here: and if you've not seen them all, you have to start at the beginning, but at one hour for the binge, it's worth the investment.

Outstanding stuff.

If you have seen one and two, well. Here's three:

UNDER THE FLOWERS: Waking the Witch (Season 3) from RTW Productions, Inc. on Vimeo.

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