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Temptation (2018)

Temptation Horror Movie Review

A young sex worker descends into isolation but struggles with his inner demons.

Temptation Horror Movie Review


From film maker Richard J. Moir comes the "experimental" drama, Temptation. Temptation is the story of a young sex worker, and the life he lives - it's a step into a world that many of us never see. Set in London, the protagonist going under the name "boy" leads a tortured existence, beaten by his clients, and eventually falling foul of street crime. It's a hard film to give many details about because of the existential nature of it.

But, that aside, it is beautiful

Shot almost entirely in black and white, Temptation mixes surreal imagery with gritty urban realism, set to a haunting classical soundtrack. Even if you find the film ambling along, with very little in the way of plot development, you cannot remove your eyes from the screen - the feature is somewhat engrossing, but does very little.

With Richard J. Moir doing a great deal of the work both in front of the camera, and behind it, you
cannot help but say that this is his 'baby'. And it has seen some love, believe me.

Moir's direction is near flawless. Each shot is chosen with care, and while some of them are odd, none of it detracts from the surrealism of the film, and just engrosses you further. The editing is excellent, and sound design is solid. IMDB states that the budget is estimated at £800. The film feels so much more than that. This man needs awards. 

Moir is no slouch in front of the camera either, and his portrayal of lead Boy, is excellent.

Fiona Gent does a grand job of girl next door, Anna, leading the story into further strangeness, and there is a stand out performance from Christopher Rithin as Austin. The intercut segments of ballet dancing are entrancing. It all weaves together into a mesmerizing film.

While the film itself is still doing the rounds at the film festivals we hope that all involved are putting together their ideas for another feature, because this one is solid as a rock. No, it's not for everyone, and yes, the subject matter might put some off, and no, I didn't fully understand the last scene of the film...but this is a film to be experienced

See it when you can. Spellbinding stuff.


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