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MicroReview: Stage Fright (2014)

Stage Fright Horror Movie Review

A snobby musical theater camp is terrorized by a blood-thirsty killer who hates musical theater.


Stage Fright Horror Movie ReviewThis insane comedy, horror, musical - yes, you heard that right - comes from writer / director Jerome Sable (ABCs of Death 2). Set in a "Camp Rock" situation and starring Allie MacDonald (The Barrens) and Douglas Smith (The Bye Bye Man) - and Meat Loaf (Fight Club) - Stage Fright is a trippy little movie. Beginning with the death of their mother, two teens work years later in the kitchen of a music summer camp, where this year they are to perform a non-copyrighted, Japanese themed version of Phantom of the Opera.

Yes, it is as bizarre as it sounds.

It begins as horror where poster-named star-power Minnie Driver is brutally murdered in the first three minutes of the film, jumps into strange, sometimes crass, musical, and descends in the third act into complete serial killer murders at the camp by the lake. It's tongue in cheek fun, the kills are inventive, and the film flies by. The direction, writing, performances, and even singing are all good to very good. Granted, it is a little silly at times, but watching for the horror movie references and homages is worth doing alone, with everything from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, to Hellraiser in there.

Weird as it sounds, it's worth a watch.

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