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For the Love of Shorts: Tap (2018)

Tap - - If You Hear It... It's Too Late.

From film maker Dave Bundtzen (The Devil's Passenger) comes another creepy short. This time we're in the bedroom of Amanda, and something is coming, a tap, tap, tapping. Katherine Celio (The Yellow Wallpaper) gives a noteworthy performance as Amanda, in this three minutes of dread.

Bundtzen once again proves he is force behind the camera, with stylish work from the very top. In fact, the whole team behind the Flix Digital production is spot on. The editing is sharp, the camera work is just so pro. The sound, everything. It's awe-inspiring.

Looking at IMDB, Bundtzen has got fifteen director credits, most of which he wrote. Fuck it, (Gosh, the language!!) if we can scrabble the viewings together, we might even do a Bundtzen season of reviews.

Absolutely must see, five star stuff.


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