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Rupture (2016)

Rupture Horror Movie Review

A single mom tries to break free from a mysterious organization that has abducted her.

Rupture Horror Movie Review


After dropping off her son at her estranged husband's house, Renee leaves to go parachuting. Some way out into the middle of no where a very impressively put together abduction takes place. When Renee reaches her abductors destination, she is tortured, seemingly without reason.

I'll keep this spoiler free ish, as a large chunk of the enjoyment of the film comes from the uncovering of the mystery behind the plot.

Renee's abductors keep her locked in a room, experimenting on her, and for the 100 minute run time, this is what you get. Renee being tortured and trying to escape.

Rupture is a small film. Writer Brian Nelson (30 Days of Night) has a long and solid pedigree, and what is presented here is no less solid than some of his other work. The story has one major downfall, but I'll get to that later. Director, Steven Shainberg (Secretary) doesn't have much experience directing this sort of sci fi / horror, but has some amazing chops. Again, it's a good job. The film is very much a vehicle for Noomi Rapace (Prometheus) and she does solid work of taking the whole weigh of the film on her shoulders alone. Don't be fooled by the trailers or cast listings - neither Peter Stormare or Michael Chiklis are in this for as long as promised.

Rupture Horror Movie Review

For the bulk of the film it's actually very interesting. With both elements of science fiction, and certainly themes of horror, all the while the mystery is maintained the film is watchable (helped by the excellent performance of Rapace), and to a certain extent, gripping. It's full of questions.

Sadly, as the film moves forward the bare threads start to show. There is an extended scene in the second half of the second act which plays out for way too long and then goes no where. It feels like someone was trying to draw the film out a little longer. And then there is the big reveal. The questions are all answered.

Okay, first off, it's head-scratchingly bonkers. I can't say more here, because, you know, spoilers, but it's worth watching just for the whhhhhhaaaaaaaatttttt? moment (which goes hand in hand with one of the worst special effects of recent years - it's in the trailer below.).

And then it just stops.

Like a TV show pilot episode.

And I feel that is what it may have been in concept, and perhaps even up to and after creation. The star power in the cast are all established TV actors, including Rapace, Chiklis, and Stormare, and both Chiklis and Stormare are woefully underused - but not in a cameo for the sake of star power sort of way. They both feature throughout the movie, just not for long. It finishes on a cliff hanger, and would explain the sudden elongation of the run time with an unnecessarily long, ultimately pointless, scene.

Not that I have any evidence of any of this.

It's worth watching, but will undoubtedly leave you wanting.

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