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For the Love of Shorts: Father (2018)

A young boy lives with his mother who is uninterested in giving him the attention he needs. There is also a father figure, but unfortunately for the boy, he is far worse.


Props to all involved with Father. Writer / director Chris Keller is clearly a master of subtle directional techniques, shot choices, and damn can he make something scary.

Ten minutes is all you get, with this simple, yet utterly terrifying short. Featuring the talent of child actor Rodion Kilinc - and almost no one else, the short follows a young boy whose mother is, um, tied up elsewhere...? You can tell how good a child actor is by the subtleness of a single look. Kilinc is going places. It's one of the most solid performances I've seen from such a young (and inexperienced) player.

The sound design is also perfect. Perfect.

An absolute must watch.

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