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Emotional Motor Unit (2017)


The story of a lonely writer who learns what it is to be human by interacting with a machine known as the Emotional Motor Unit.


Set in an alternate reality present day where entertainment is second only to arms, the air is not breathable, and whatever you do don't touch anything, a writer is promoted to an author. From facts to fiction, he is taught to use his words in a different way by learning how to be human.

The writer (known only as 'writer') begins his journey as an emotionally stunted being - taking drugs prescribed by those in charge of, well...everything. Graham Cawte (Cat Skin) does a solid job of being a rundown, broken human being. He says all the right words to his employers, but you cannot help but see death behind the eyes. When he is gifted an Emotional Motor Unit he doesn't know how to be with it. How to belong. Cawte does a great job. On the other side of the table is Francesca Burgoyne (Like You Like Me) doing a fabulous job as the titular EMU. Beginning the film soulless, an automaton, until she too finds a place.

Written by Xènia Puiggrós (Escape Room: Proof of Concept) the distopian present comes to life with little dialogue to weigh things down. It's rather good.

Director Adam Nelson (Little Pieces) does a great job too, with a micro budget each shot carefully framed to give the audience the feeling of claustrophobia. Loneliness.

The team do an astonishing job building this sci-fi short movie up. With Orwellian touches, it is the simplest of stories, but also one so intricately woven.

Currently available on Prime UK here: and US here:

Not to be missed.


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