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Skickelsen (2018)


You can't escape your destiny.


Soon to be released online, we have been lucky enough to see short horror Skickelsen (Out of the Darkness) It has been awarded the Melies d'argent award at Abertior horror film festival amid a few other wins and selections.

Beginning with Lars Väringer (Becoming Astrid) arriving at an apartment building at night, watching the other inhabitants silently, Skickelsen immediately drips style - the opening scene reminded me of a scene from the Exorcist - it's both sharp, and foreboding. And it's not until the very end that everything suddenly makes sense.

The Man (Väringer) has moved into an apartment between Sara's - Lova Schildt (Vatten) - and another man known only as The Guy - Tony Lundgren (Blind Alley). The Guy is a loser - and clearly has intentions towards Sara, and The Man has motives. We just don't know what they are yet. Directed and co-written by Jonas Gramming (debut) and written by Mikael Holmström (Mardröm) this is 14  minutes you'll certainly enjoy.

Gripping from the very beginning and wonderfully absorbing the direction and the story will have you unable to tear your eyes from the screen.

The performances of all three of the actors are outstanding. Väringer holds an intensity behind his eyes, giving nothing away. Schildt does an amazing job of "the girl next door" with virginity and innocence, and Lundgren is creepy as all hell. 

I'm left wanting more from all - if Gramming and Holmström can pull this out of the bag with such little experience, then more please from me. Schildt and Lundgren are newer talents with bright futures, and I now need to seek out Väringer's back catalog.

Outstanding - must see.

Skickelsen - Trailer from Jonas Gramming on Vimeo.

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