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MicroReview: Bridge of Dragons (1999)

The tough and cold mercenary Warchild, is working for the man who took care of his war training and upbringing, the greedy General Ruechang. Ruechang is planning to take over the country by marrying Princess Halo. But Halo discovers that Ruechang killed her father to gain more power than he had working for the King, so she decides to run away. Warchild is the one who has to bring her back to Ruechang, but the one thing no one counted on happens... Warchild and Halo falls in love, and together they take on the forces of Ruechang...


Post apocalypse! Nazi Germany! Medieval! Kung Fu!

Director Isaac Florentine (Desert Kickboxer) brings a bonkers set action film to the table with Dolph Lundgren (Aquaman) vehicle Bridge of Dragons. Using every flourish in his kung fu action film playbook - Every single movement comes with a sound effect. Every. Since. Movement. - this glorious B movie high kicks and machine guns its way through 93 minutes.

A great, fun action film that serves up Dolph at his best.

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