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The Demonologist (S02E01) - Exorcism for beginners (2018)


A world where the supernatural is totally mundane and the existence of ghosts, ghouls and werewolves are part of everyday life. But what happens when you're bothered by some supernatural nuisance? You call The Demonologist to deal with all your otherworldly issues.

Episode: Exorcism for beginners

A Priest is given an anonymous tip to visit a derelict house. Upon arriving, he finds a man possessed by a powerful demonic spirit. Sensing an incredible evil the Priest calls the Demonologist for help with the exorcism. Will the Demonologist be the one to save the day along with this poor man's soul or will be make things much, much worse?


Jumping straight into the action, series two starts off the way series one ended. The comedy is back in black. There are the chills. The gore. It's like an old friend coming home.

The episode is (as per the synopsis) an exorcism episode - but unlike the first series, it appears to be the start of a multi-episode story arc? Who knows. It is self contained enough however, but like the previous episodes leaves you wanting more. It is without doubt the most chilling episode to date, but with the usual witty references, never taking itself too seriously.

Back in the director's chair is Uisdean Murray bringing the same style as before - again, the clever shot choices, the color palette ti's all glorious. Bryn Owen brings the sharp screenplay - and the dialogue is spot on. Between the two of them they create something truly funny - but equally terrifying.

Like all the episodes before, it's another new location - perfectly set dressed, both eerie and foreboding.

Bryn Owen takes the form of the demonologist himself - slyly cutting, and very world weary. And again he plays the part with great Scot dryness. David Hughes returns as the priest, bringing some gravitas to the situation, and Ronni Menzies-Stirling is as always in his marvelous shape shifting form. We have a newcomer in the crowd too, with James Zander. And everyone is on point.

What stands out above all else, however, is the use of top notch practical effects. The possession makeup is flawless, as are the blood and gore effects.

It's all rather splendid.

I personally am pleased that the style of the show hasn't changed from the all too short series one, and honestly cannot wait for the next episode. Like the first series - if this continues in this awesome style we'll be demanding a DVD release.

Mmm. Shiny.

You can find out more about the man himself, here.

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