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Even Lambs Have Teeth (2015)


Two young women terrorized by a group of small town psychos seek revenge on their tormentors.


The cover, title, synopsis, they all tell you what you're going to get. Even Lambs have Teeth is a revenge movie. It starts a little awkwardly with protagonists Sloane and Katie getting stoned - and generally being difficult - in what seems a relatively normal, safe, family environment. After which they're going to work on a farm, close enough to NY to enable them to do some work and get free board close to the city.

Not that any of that matters.

On their way to said farm, they choose to take a lift with a couple of locals - instead of taking the bus - and end up in this movie. If you hadn't guessed - it's a rape revenge film. Interestingly, the "parental figure" of girls at the beginning of the film is a government official. This adds something to the dynamic. As soon as the two go missing, an investigation begins - all be it a private one.

Kidnapped, the two of them are kept in storage units in the forest willing clients. As the the film progresses they find a way loose. Only to wreak revenge.

Now I'm not a fan of the rape revenge genre. I find that either the film will go realistically violent, or will try to titillate with it. Both of which are not something I find enjoyable, nor palatable. But Lambs does a good job. The first half of the movie is the story of two young women being tormented, beaten, held captive, and repeatedly raped. Even on paper that sounds like something I don't want to watch. Writer / Director Terry Miles (Cinemanovels) spends more time on the fallout and emotional breakage of the two leads than anything else. I appreciate that for such strong content, there is no sexual violence or nudity on screen. But it was sold to me.

The two leads, Kirsten Zien (Joy Ride 3: Road Kill) and Tiera Skovbye (Riverdale), do an astonishing job of selling the fear - the situation - that they're in. And when the tables turn, so does the feel of the film. When we get to the revenge section, the tonal change is significant. As is the on screen violence. I was totally taken by it - it is different. It manages to balance the gore without it becoming too over the top. It even managed to slip in some mild humor. Fundamentally - for me at least - it turned a genre of film from something I wouldn't watch to something I really enjoyed.

All of the "locals" who are invested in being slave traders / sickos do a good job of coming across as such. They're all creepy, twisted, and sickening - with solid acting from all the cast.

Even Lambs Have Teeth is certainly one of the more enjoyable movies in the genre - and if you want to see a rape revenge movie without feeling like you want to gouge out your eyes, then this is one to see. Highly recommended.

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