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WiHM: Last Shift (2014)


A rookie cop's 1st shift alone in the last night of a closing police station turns into a living nightmare.


Rookie, Jessica Loren, is tasked with babysitting a closed police station for one night. There's a HAZMAT team coming during the night to take the last of the trash, and all Loren has to do is wait for them. Commanding Officer, Cohen, hands over the keys and leaves. As Loren settles in for the long wait, the horror begins.

As Loren first enters the police station, the tension begins. There is clearly something off with Cohen - and the film plays entirely from Loren's POV, so the creepy sets in quickly. As it goes forward, Loren begins to experience the inexplicable - after discovering that a cultist and two of his followers killed themselves one year to the day earlier.

What stands this one out is that the weight of the film sits on the shoulders of one person - Jessica Loren being played by Juliana Harkavy (Arrow).

Harkavy does a stellar job carrying the film - and in a single location, with little other interaction with other actors it almost comes across as a stage play. She emotes excellently with no one to bounce off, and draws the viewer in with ease - making it all the more terrifying.

Writer/director Anthony DiBlasi (Extremity) does a fantastic job - for such a low budget movie the direction creates a wonderful atmosphere - and the dialogue is on point. He masterfully weaves the tension - the dread - into a ball, and throws it at you. The special effects are stand out, and the gore along with the creeping dread make this one hell of a ride. It's got a ballsy ending that will stick with you, too.

It's terrifically frightening throughout: definitely one to see.

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