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WiHM: Body (2015)


A night out turns deadly when three girls break into a seemingly empty mansion.


We've got to put a few minor spoilers in this one. Sorry. Body starts out with our three protagonists having fun and smoking some weed at home late in the evening during the Christmas season. Friends, Holly, Cali, and Mel, are yearning more, when Cali suggests they move the party to her rich uncle's mansion - empty as he always goes away for the holidays. They drive over to the house, Cali finds a key hidden by the door, and the three of them explore the house, drinking booze, and generally having fun.

Then someone comes home.

Cali breaks down and admits that the house is not in the family, and in fact it's the house of someone she used to babysit for. A little chaos, an accident, and then the premise unfolds.

What do you do, when you've broken into a house, and then accidentally murdered someone?

From the very beginning of the movie, the onscreen chemistry between the three leads is undeniable. Helen Rogers (VHS) is Holly, Alexandra Turshen (Red Oaks) is Cali, and Lauren Molina(ABCs of Death 2) is Mel. During the scenes of the three of them enjoying each others company, it feels like the three have known each other for years - with the introduction (briefly) of Mel's brother and parents, it feels like you're spying on real people - something rarely seen these days. It shows the absolute skill of the actors.

Things breakdown between them as soon the accident occurs. Cali wants to twist the truth - fake events - in the name of protecting their future; Holly is the opposite, and wants to just call the police and explain; Mel is on the fence.

While this borders between horror, thriller, and even drama in some places, the tension built in the film is stunning, culminating in a well thought out, high value psycho-thriller. Writer/Directors, Dan Berk and Robert Olsen (Stakeland II) turn what could have been trite dialogue and boring direction well on it's head, getting the most from the cast.

With surprises galore and a great twist ending this is one fantastic movie. The only drawback is that the runtime is only just over 71 minutes, but that said, it doesn't have time to draw out scenes or over stay its welcome.

Highly recommended.

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