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WiHM: Blood Runs Down (2018)


When a woman undergoes a frightening transition, her vigilant five year old daughter must decide between saving her or protecting herself in this haunting tale of inheritance, daughterhood, and demons.


Southern gothic horror is a genre that is not seen often enough, but writer / director Zandashé Brown brings it to the front and center in Blood Runs Down.

It's hard to say too much about the plot - no spoilers here - but from the outset you're gripped right until the very end. The story is both touching and chilling at the same time with both a sting and a heart-tugging conclusion.

Brown's writing draws you in to the house itself, joining you to the family, and her shot choices and clever direction not only drip with style, but house a magnificent substance. Every shot means something, and we were wide-eyed at the detail many times.

The acting is unsurpassed. Daughter, Ana, is portrayed by debut actor, Farrah Martin. She steals the show with a stunning performance, and is, without doubt one to watch. Ana's mother is played by Idella Johnson (The Mortician) in a role that could have been created for her. The two sizzle on screen together - and you would never believe they are "only acting".

Not something that gets mention in reviews often enough is the music. Provided here by Sultana Isham, the score provides a beautifully haunting backdrop, perfectly setting the scenes.

Overall, everyone involved in the project has done stunning work - this is must see material and an easy contender for this year's best short award.

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