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Girl Code (2018)

About Girl Code

When girls talk, there’s what they say, and what they’re REALLY saying. GIRL CODE is a short film that draws back the curtain on female friendships and the often-insidious ways that women communicate. Originally conceived by Jessica Jacobs as a one-act play, it was adapted for film by Casey Gates, and stars Jessica Jacobs and Kate Spare. More at


We were lucky enough to receive a press screener for Girl Code from Casey Gates herself a few days ago - so here's a quick spoiler free review:

Starring Jessica Jacobs and Kate Spare, Girl Code is a short film about two women, ex best friends, who bump into each other at the gym. Jacobs' Anna is sure that her boyfriend is cheating on her, and what follows is a profoundly interesting, and equally sinister conversation.

While both the actors are excellent in their respective parts, Jessica Jacobs steals the show with a heart breaking performance, nuanced, and riveting, leaving the viewer truly gripped. The screen play, direction - well, everything really - is polished, and well worth the accolades it has earned.

And the best thing? You can see it now:

Girl Code - Secure Screener from Lady Brain by Casey Gates on Vimeo.

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