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Under the Flowers: Circle of Hell (2018)


The second season of the Award-Winning, supernatural web series finds Poe attempting to transform her tortured soul and move on as 'Rose' in a hellish odyssey set in the In-Between, led by the darkly mysterious Nerissa.


Continuing the story of Under the Flowers, Circle of Hell sees Poe trying to move on in the In-Between. Poe (Lauren LaVera) / Rose (Amanda Kay Livezey) is a heady character - strong willed - and spends most of her screen time with Nerissa (Kirsten Lee). The two interact well, with some good performances. During their time in the In-Between Rose is attacked by demons possibly sent by The Darkness (Richard T. Wilson).

Outside support comes in the form of friend Charlotte (the excellent, and scene stealing Catherine Kustra).

Written and directed by Richard T. Wilson, Circle of Hell has a strong story and screenplay with some excellent visual effects. It's indie film making to the max, leaning heavily on narrative, with clever camera work and direction to cover any short falls caused by budgetary concerns. The screenplay is fresh and the feel of the story is new.

Richard T. Wilson is clearly the driving force behind the production and he has created something quite special. There's more to come, and we can't wait.

It's well worth watching, with both season one and season two available now on OPPRIMEtv.

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