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The Gateway (2015)


A burnt-out ex-nurse in search of a new life moves into a new apartment, but a strange portal in her bathroom wall threatens to destroy any sense of normality.


I consider myself something of an indie movie aficionado, but writer/director Jaron Henrie-McCrea (Pervertigo) has created something almost astounding. The plot revolves around Danni, burnt out young and retired, who moves into an unfathomly small apartment. The previous tennant had killed himself in the bathroom, and the building super says he was mad. Shortly thereafter weird things begin to happen.

The concept is interesting, even intriguing, and the execution solid. But it is a very strange film. If you don't want any spoilers, skip over to the Second Spoiler Shower.


So after Danni - played by Danni Smith in her only credited film appearance - moves in, she starts to furnish the tiny space, which includes putting up a shower curtain. She then gets drunk (this happens a lot) and falls asleep. When she awakens, the shower curtain is gone, the doors all locked from the inside. Very odd. But never mind, she must be losing it - she buys another shower curtain. Rinse and repeat.

On the third time, she used her cell and records what happens when the door to the bathroom is closed. The next day, sans shower curtain, she watches the video. I shit you not, there is a portal in the wall of the shower that eats the shower curtain.

And the film gets weirder from there.

After enlisting the help of friend Tim (Tim Lueke), and writing her cell phone number on the shower curtain, they manage to track down the other end of the portal to some woodland, with the assistance of multiple personality suffering Willie (Gregory Konow - Gotham). Of course, none of this helps and upon returning home Danni is attacked by three men who make her promise not to put up any more shower curtains.

I hope this is making sense.

She and Tim do however continue with their shower curtain shenanigans, leading Danni to be in the woodland, and Tim at her apartment so that she can witness the curtain re-appear. The men from earlier attack her, but as they do, the shower curtain appears, and with it a small, big toothed demon as well. Which they kill.

Then Tim enacts plan b, which involves soy sauce. But I'll leave that one down to those who want to see the film.


Danni Smith and Tim Lueke do a really good job in the film. The direction is excellent from Jaron Henrie-McCrea, and he, and co-writer Carys Edwards have put together something that sounds bonkers - but you can't take your eyes from.

The horror elements are also pretty spot on - prosthetics are flawless, the direction lends to it. The comedy is well timed, and it's certainly different.

Being "up my alley", so to speak, I look forward to seeing what Jaron Henrie-McCrea marks as his next feature.

Good stuff.

*The Gateway has also been released under the title: CURTAIN

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