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Paradox (2016)


A group of young scientists are working on a secret project that may allow them to travel ahead in time. They test it by sending one of their own ahead one hour. He returns pleading with them to shut it down, explaining that within that hour, they will all die.


It's hard to do time travel in movies well. This has been proven time and again *coughs*. Paradox is a little different from most of the time distortion movies that I have seen as it takes place in an enclosed environment, with little need for special effects or fancy direction, and relies heavily on plot, writing, and the ability of the cast to pull off the needed chops. 

Most of which hold up well enough.

The problem that most films of this ilk have is that they break their own rules on inspection - and it takes little to find fault. This has been evaded in film cleverly in the past, by either confusing the audience (see: Primer) or creating a paradox (see: Triangle). Obviously this is a film of the latter. The cast are pushed back and forth in time (all within one hour of film time) trying desperately to a) work out what is going on, and b) stop everyone from dying. They even spend a portion of the exposition explaining why they can't do that. It's intriguingly done.

For a low budget effort the limited sfx don't do bad. The direction is okay, and like most of the work within the movie, clunky at times but not enough to be off putting.

The cast is relatively large for such a claustrophobic effort. Leading them are Zoe Bell (Death Proof), Malik Yoba (Designated Survivor), and Adam Huss (Shattered). Huss is standout, channeling a Sam Rockwell / Colin Farrell hybrid at every turn. The rest of the cast are solid. 

The story plays out fairly predictably, but not bad by any means. I'm a little surprised that the film has been so widely lambasted.

Personally, I would recommend this without question for a fun, horror/sci fi, with a twist.

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