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Night of the Virgin (2016)

Night of the Virgin


In this horror-comedy, at a New Year's Eve party, Nico, a naive twenty year old, sets out ready to lose his virginity at all costs that same night. In the middle of the party, his gaze crosses Medea, a cunning and attractive mature woman.


Darkly bizarre, and in places, boundary pushing. What more is there to say about director Roberto San Sebastián's horror comedy? Nico, portrayed excellently by Javier Bódalo (The Network of Freedom) meets older woman Medea (Miriam Martin - Sapos y culebras) at a New Tear party and the two go to Medea's apartment. Clearly Nico has one thing on his mind, but so does Medea, and hers is very different.

From the very beginning of the film, Medea's intentions are clearly not of those of Nico. She, and her apartment, come across as kinda evil. But no spoilers here.

The intention of the production gives strong vibes of Peter Jackson's Brain Dead (or Dead Alive). It's slow pacing and dark sets give a hypnotic feel. The acting, direction, and writing is all pretty much on point. I struggled to find much humor in the film, but that wasn't a problem. It was gripping enough, and the lead from party to apartment holds your attention.

It's plenty squicky for the gore hounds. It has a nice horror feel - an uneasiness - to it.

Javier Bódalo

The only issue that the film suffers is the occasional leap into boundary pushing. Some of the scenes (not necessarily horror) will be construed by some as distasteful. It is a horror film, and should be seen as such. If you are weak of stomach, or perhaps don't want more adult scenes in your horror, then perhaps this is not for you - that said, if you enjoy seeing how far a film can suddenly veer into shocking, then this is definitely for you. It's probably not one for date night.

Night of the Virgin is available now on DVD (ódalo/dp/B074BNFY1L)

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