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A Perspective: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Part V)

So, while Lex dicks around in Zod's ship a bit with Zod's body, Clark wanders up a hill and has a conversation with his dad. A surprise cameo from Kevin Costner - but hey, the dead dad reappearance scenes in Amazing Spiderman 2 worked so well, didn't they? And Lex's men kidnap Lois Lane. And Martha Kent!

We have, ladies and gentleman stumbled upon the finale.

Firstly we get the "reveal" of Batman's armor. Which is cool and all - but we saw it in the trailer. Another trailer mis-step.

Anyhow, Lex pushes Lois off a building which gets Superman attention, funnily enough. Actually, from the African General scene to this one it seems that Superman may possibly be stalking Lois. Right place, right time? Hm.

Jesse Eisenburg

Anyway - Luther tells Superman that he has one hour to kill Batman or Martha Kent gets it, spilling the beans in the process (what bad guy doesn't love to monologue?) that he knows Superman is Kent and Batman is Wayne. Now this raises some questions. Luthor must assume that Batman is going to win, knowing the he has the kryptonite. But I don't really get his motives. It's never clear why Luthor wants to kill Superman. Apart from his actions in this movie he's not shown to be a villain. Superman doesn't have him on his radar at the beginning of the film. It's all very manufactured. Also, how does he know the identity of the two super heroes? And most importantly how did Cavill get to be Superman - his grumpy face "acting" here is diabolical.

So, next part? The movie's grand finale!

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