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A Perspective: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Part IV)

So after the Flash scene:

Batman goes shopping. At a shipyard. For kryponite. So starting another set piece, Bats turns up at the shipyard where Luthor's goons have picked up the kyptonite, and starts chasing them down in the batmobile. It's a fun, but exceedingly violent scene. I mean a lot of Luthor's men die. And at the end of the scene Batman and Superman face off against each other. Everything we want is about to happen!

Nope. Superman flies off.

Hm. And the whole scene ran for only five minutes.

Henry Cavill

We then run into the extremely long played out introduction of Superman's court case which ties together a number of the scenes from earlier. Running at nearly ten minutes of utterly pointless exposition - paying off a cup of piss - and killing swathes of people.

And here it is. The halfway point.

Here, the film has lost it's way. Don't get me wrong it's all very pretty. But half of the plot threads in nearly forty-five minutes of movie have been tied up by killing everyone. It comes across not only as mean spirited, but utterly unnecessarily.

The crux of the film so far is that Batman doesn't trust Superman, Superman hasn't found his place in the world yet, and Lex Luthor want's to kill Superman. That's all explained in around ten minutes of actual screen time. THIS THREE HOUR MOVIE HAD TIME TO PAY OFF A CUP OF PISS.

Sorry. I'll calm down.

The explosion in the court house was set off by Luthor. I don't really know why. Just to get the judge I think. But Bruce Wayne seems to blame Superman for it, and again, I'm not too up with why, which causes him to go and steal the kryptonite from Luthor's house (why didn't he do that in the first place?) - but he also received an anonymous letter from someone (it's Luthor) tipping that they know he's Batman.

Time for a montage.

Batman is Batmaning himself to the peak of fitness. Superman is having a crisis of conscience, Luthor is fucking around with Zod's ship. Batman fashions a spear out of kryptonite.

So, it appears the end is near. Or is it? 

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