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A Perspective: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Part VI)


At last. Batman v Superman. And no one will be seated in the auditorium while Diana Prince packs her luggage... what? And watches secret videos of Aquaman, Flash, and Cyborg. Quick the films nearly finished - jam in cameos. Jesus. Is this thing over yet?

So, reasonably, Superman tries to open with telling Batman the truth - to ask for his help - but when Batman doesn't immediately listen (to a man whom he has hated with his very core for years, now) Superman just sort of gives up on the idea and the two try to bash each other's brains in. Cool. It's what we bought the ticket for.

It's about time.

Lasting around eight minutes (!) the fight is pretty good. There's plenty to keep us happy watching Batman in his "invincible" suit going toe-to-toe with the "invincible" boy scout. There's punching, lots of punching, the direction and special effects are top notch. In fact there's little to dislike - apart from the two hour wait for these two to share more than a few seconds screen time together.

It culminates with Batman winning, using the old kryptonite spear, and the now "meme" MARTHA. Which leads to the two becoming besties instantly, all is forgiven, let's go rescue MARTHA and nab Luthor.

So let's address the Martha Incident.

So, at the climax of the fight, Batman is about to plunge his kryptonite spear into Superman's chest and Superman mumbles something about killing Martha. Which throws Bats off his game, wanting to know why he said it. Flashback! Martha Wayne! the beginning of the movie. AGAIN.

It's a deep and powerful moment. 

Except it's not. They blew it. 

It's a terrible way of allowing Batman to realize the Superman is not an inhuman monster from another world, but infact he's lived as a human, with a human family, and has indeed, humanity. 

But it's all mumbly and shouty and pouty faced and silly. 

And it could have been fixed with better dialogue and less of Cavill's boo-hoo-face. 

Moving on.

During this conversation we're shown that Martha has less than ten minutes before they kill her with a flamethrower. A flamethrower. What is this, a John Carpenter film? Jeez.

Anyway, Batman goes to rescue Martha knowing immediately where she is because Alfred. I'm not adding to that. He's just convenient in this scene. And Superman goes after Luthor. 

Next time we'll finish the film and do a wrap up.

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