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A Perspective: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Part II)

18 months later:

So we transition from the destruction of Metropolis to some dude fishing for kryptonite. And then cut to Africa to have Lois Lane interview a General, who is regarded as a terrorist, Jimmy Olson (CIA agent) gets shot in the face, then the CIA (I think) decide to drop a missile on the terrorists, while the General's private militia start murdering civilians - and other CIA operatives on horse back ride towards the blast zone because Lois Lane is still in there and then Superman turns up and the civilians are all on fire and straight up kills the General.


Cut to - I shit you not, without pause - to a Metropolis court hearing in which it is decided that Superman is responsible for everything that happened above - IN LESS THAN ONE MINUTE OF SCREEN TIME - Cut to (without pause) two police officers (who appear to be watching TV in their squad car) dragged off to a drug den where they bump into Batman who's already nailed the bad guys and 'branded them'.

And here is one of the major problems with the movie aspect of this film.

It's all too much. It's too quick. There are no transitional scenes. The pacing is shot to shit. Everything that happens above happens in thirteen minutes.

And it...doesn'

Ben Affleck

We are given zero context to the kryponite scene. I won't mention Jimmy Olsen again (!) - but the entire scene of Lois Lane, the General, the militia, the CIA, and Superman are entirely out of place without covering the missing eighteen months between scenes (did I miss a film?). Deciding that Superman actually did the crimes in Africa he is accused of suggests to me that he has been permanently absent between Man of Steel and that incident. Huh?

And Batman comes off as a bit of a dick.

I get that Snyder (and while I lay some of the blame for this at his feet - I certainly don't think he's a bad director) wanted to push Superman and Batman to the spotlight quickly, but this isn't just quick. It's blunt. It's the cinematic version of being beaten with a blunt instrument.

I get it. Superman is a good guy (who did kill that African General, and General Zod. Maybe he's against Generals. In general.). Batman is a good guy. Superman is being framed. But it's just bad plotting. And bad pacing.

Following all this, is a scene where Clark Kent and Lois Lane share an intimate moment - giving the viewer a chance to see where their relationship is now. It's a nice addition. And for the first time in the nearly thirty minutes of run time we're given a moment to contemplate. And then, Bruce Wayne and Alfred.

It's as if we are given Superman set piece, Batman set piece, exposition scenes.

"As if"

Anyway, next time we meet Lex Luther. Yay?

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