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Shootfigher (1993)

What the hell is a shootfight? Oh. Not this then?


Nick and Ruben are hoodwinked into a "shootfighter" (no-holds-barred, to the death) martial arts match by the evil Mr. Lee, who has a grudge against world shootfighter champ(and teacher of Nick and Ruben) Shingo.


Okay, just to clear it up, from Wiki: "Shootfighting is a martial art and combat sport, with competitions governed by the International Shootfighting Association (ISFA). Shootfighting incorporates techniques from a multitude of traditional martial arts, the most principal of these being Muay Thai and catch wrestling."

So no death fights, okay?

Possibly running the gauntlet of most generic martial arts movie ever, Shootfigher begins with most obvious villain ever Martin Kove (The Karate Kid) as Mr. Lee, murdering someone in the ring of an official shootfight. He then gets banned from fighting ever again - and vows vengeance!

Cut to "some time later" and Shingo, played by Bolo Yeung (BloodSport) - who was present at the aforementioned affray, but not seemingly involved (to us, the poor muddled viewer) -who know runs a dojo - possibly five minutes drive from the Mexican border. His proteges include Ruben, played by William Zabka (The Karate Kid) and Michael Barndado's (Cyber Seeker) Nick. The two of them are lured through money and plot convenience to fight in an illegal shootfight in Mexico, run by Mr. Lee.

He then uses the threat of death on the two proteges to force Shingo into a fight to death!

But for reasons. I don't know what ones, but some. I guess on the cutting room floor somewhere it's shown why there's a vendetta there. Who knows? FIGHT!

So the movie revolves mostly around ring match martial arts. The fight scenes are pretty solid. Led mostly by Michael Barnardo, who dominated real world martial arts contests all over the world for the ten years proceeding this. Having real fighters in the film helps.

Real fighters. And this guy. This guy's the "Hero". I use the term loosely.

And, to be honest, if you're looking only for a Kickboxer/BloodSport knock off, then you could do much worse. It a good solid fighting film. But stop reading here, and go, and enjoy.

The problems with movie come in two halves. The first, and biggest is the predictability of the plot. Two minutes in any know where the film is going to end up.

These two are going to scrap it out.

I wonder who'll win?

The second problem is more aesthetic.

Who did the hair for this movie?

You had one job, Carol.

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