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Bad Milo (2013)

Weirdly, not the first movie I've ever seen about butt monsters.

Bad Milo

Duncan is having terrible stomach pains. It appears that it is stress related, and gets worse when he tries to bottle it up. He even ends up under the strange, perhaps deranged, psychiatrist Doctor Highsmith. It transpires that a demon - who ends up named Milo - is living in Duncan's intestines and escapes through his butthole to take revenge on those who stress him out. Much to his dismay.

Ken Marino (in white)

I found this to be very reminiscent of early Peter Jackson. It's bizarre. Completely off the wall weird. Yet strangely well done, absorbing, and completely gross.

Possibly the oddest thing about the film is that it is very much a character piece focusing on depression and stress and not on "evil little butthole monster", Milo. So the direction is dead on point, keeping the viewer firmly grounded in a horror comedy. Butthole monster. Director Jacob Vaughan has done nothing since - but we're hoping.


The cast is strong, Duncan, played by Ken Marino (We're the Millers) has a strong enough presence to hold the lead well, and the supporting cast is good. Stand out goes to Peter Stormare (Prison Break) as Highsmith.

The special effects are solid for a low budget production.

It's a fun watch, and surprisingly deep.

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