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Suicide Club (2018)

As this doesn't come out for a while, we'll stay spoiler free.

Suicide Club

Recluse Liz is depressed. She contemplates suicide. She visits suicide forums on the Internet. But she hasn't done it. Then she learns of the Suicide Club - a group on the dark web - who guarantee your success. From there Liz is dragged, willing or not, into a nightmare of betrayal and deception.

Klariza Clayton (Skins) carries the film from the start as recluse Liz. Beginning as a "Rear Window of its time", Liz spends her time watching the goings on around her dead end flat on a London estate. She brings a vulnerability to the character. She sells the bleak existance.

Her burgeoning relationship with neighbor Josh (Adam Newington) brings a renewed life to the character, and a believably to the situation. He is a sympathetic character with a background that would understand Liz. A strong choice by the writer.

Klariza Clayton

But the film deals with two very different issues. Suicide and depression, and the dark web. And it does it well, bringing two very different themes to the front.

While Liz and Josh are becoming closer, Liz has opened the door to the dark web.

Many people watching the movie will be unaware of the dark web, and the film does a good job of letting those in the know get a nod, while those that don't won't be fazed by its introduction. In film a simple change of browser is enough for me to know the makers did their homework. The same as the way the the dark web know who you are. Where you are. It's chilling and brutal stuff, and works with or without the knowledge. It opens the horror of the dark web - but with a user friendly interface.

Starting as a light thriller with strong themes, the film ramps continually to the last, terrifying, reel. The acting is strong throughout - with a chilling turn from Carey Thring (Fox Trap) - and the who dunnit aspect pulled off with great aplomb.

All around is should sate the appetite of both thriller lovers and horror the same, and will keep you guessing until the end. While light on gore, it's certainly terrifying.

Suicide Club hits screens early 2018. We'll drop the trailer when there is one.

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